Lead Generation Forms For Chatbots

An intelligent way to collect information from your users through Techflo's Chatbot Conversations.

Easily Customised

Easily customise conversation forms with multiple field types to collect information through a chatbot such as, Name, Email, Location, Geocode and several other.

Strong Validation and API Integration

Our forms recognize if user enters the right data, email, phone, location, or custom validation through API.

Smart AI

Artificial Intelligence picks up similar phrases and combination of keywords from the user's query and responds with the best answer.

Best conversational experience around! Built for the ease

Our forms don't irritate your users, we don't restart forms over wrong inputs, you don't lost a lead with the best conversational experience around.

Works with Facebook Messenger

Techflo conversational forms work best with facebook chatbot built via Techflo. You can collect leads through facebook messenger with ease!

Works with Website Chatbots too

Conversational forms work equally good with Website Chatbots to allow you collect data from your users with our Website Chatbot

MS Teams & Slack Integrations

Integrate data collected through your chatbot to Microsoft Teams or a slack channel, you also get an email alert or CSV export option for your data.

Try a Demo Bot!

Create your chatbots with Techflo and start generating leads. It's simple and easy.