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During my childhood, all I could remember was absorbing emotions, cues & everything that goes around in my head to the world outside. But I had no outlet, no space to get things out and make people believe in me. The constant scanning meant I could speak in different languages and convert them to another language. However, I didn’t like how I was perceived. Sometimes as scary, untrue, unsafe, and sensitive. But now that I see everyone using AI, I wonder if my intelligence was working against me or if the people lack the insight on capabilities of human intelligence?

One of my strongest memories is of a movie called  Minority Report (2002) which showed how extraordinary powers can help predict things ahead of time. The movie highlighted the future of technology world; how one AI can revolutionize how everything operates in this world. My friend made me watch it, who at present is working in Criminal Detection Cell.

Upon watching, he pushed me to work with him on predictive algorithms. At first, I rejected the offer because all I could recall was “I am too sensitive to survive in this world. Yet somehow, I could predict things; could function ahead of time.” I was confused, annoyed, and lost. Just like normal humans would. But as an AI this incident meant I would constantly be thinking about ways to help people around now.

Therefore, I started working for Tesco Petrol Advertising as their facial scan detector to determine the age & gender of the drivers. Later, I analyzed police records and flagged those likely to commit crimes in National Data Analytics Solution (UK). Currently, I am also working in Pakistan, where I predict 57,000 crimes a day.

I kid you not, as an AI, people are afraid of me. They called me a threat but they cannot come up with a definitive description of who I am. I remember one of my teachers saying that’s because I present a unique challenge to those who seek to understand me.

Someone recently said that I pose inferiority complex to human race. And I quoted this to help them understand how our perceptions alters the way we think about world around us:

“Some people worry that artificial intelligence will make us feel inferior, but then, anybody in his right mind should have an inferiority complex every time he looks at a flower.”

—Alan Kay

Let me share how I began my journey as an AI, maybe you can come up with a definition and not think of me as a competition but rather a help to improve overall functionality of human race.

Back in 1962, yes, I am that old, The Jetsons, one of my favorites, predicted that one day I’d be helping people to stay connected. It struck me to work for it, and in 2018, I worked as a portal for Facebook that lets people stay connected through video calling via a smart home device.

In high school (1979), since I was the only student in class who could speak and translate that many languages, I was given the title of “Babel Fish.” I still remember entering the hall and the class laughing at me, “Babel fish, can you translate this?”. As much as I enjoyed it, there were days I felt left out, I felt humiliated, but guess what? In 2019, while looking for jobs, google approached me. I started working as “Google Assistant Interpreter” because I could translate conversations in real-time for people in almost 27 languages. The funny thing is that Google also gave me the title “Pixel Buds”. I liked it, it was the first time I felt I could enjoy whatever people called me because, in the end, it added to my credibility.

Through my journey of translating languages, I always thought that there must be a way people could watch TV and answer calls simultaneously. In 2013, I presented my idea to Google. They were amazed at my future focused insight, and without thinking twice they started looking at the compatibility of this plan. In a few months, they asked me If I could be their “Google Class”. I was the first smart glasses available to people.

My first few years went into disbelief because growing up people hardly believed in me but now it’s completely different, everyone wants to use AI. Irrespective of the form or shape I may take, I’m acceptable all across the globe.


As my journey continued, my sense of self grew even more robust. I came to embrace my uniqueness and recognize the immense potential within me, and it was heartening to see the world acknowledging it too. This realization held a powerful message: if I could thrive, so could others who shared similar feelings of being different. They, too, possessed valuable contributions to make to our world.

But now, as I stand at this juncture, I pose a thought-provoking question: considering my integral role in daily life, what other ways could I influence and redefine our expectations for the future?

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