Info Bot

About InfoBot

chevron_rightMarketing automation software that answers questions 24/7/365.
Think about your best SDR. They are probably so good at what they do because they have a ton of experience selling for your business. Now imagine if you could clone them, put them on your website 24/7/365, have them handle multiple conversations at once AND get better results. With InfoBot you can stop dreaming because now cloning is possible.
chevron_right You’ll never make your customers wait again. Give your them the answers instantly with InfoBot.
You can’t always be there to answer questions. But with InfoBot, you don’t have to. It answers their questions in real-time using artificial intelligence software trained by analyzing your previous conversations.
chevron_right This is all 100% done for you.
Here’s the best part. There’s no extra work for you. Our Annotation Team trains and optimizes your bots FOR you. That might sound too good to be true, but you can hire InfoBot for the outcome you want and we make sure you get it.