Project Brief:

Designed by Techflo, Fuelytics is a cutting-edge solution that offers real-time monitoring, meticulous stock management, insightful sales analysis, and comprehensive reporting. Its mission is to optimize fuel station operations, drive growth, and provide data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

Project Features:

Stock Maintenance:

Effortlessly monitor real-time sales meter data, manage tank and pump-wise opening and closing stocks, and track item-wise stock levels to ensure seamless operations. Fuelytics also offers intuitive stock valuation and detailed tracking of stock evaporation variations for accurate inventory health assessment.

Sales & Purchase Maintenance:

Pinpoint sales performance is based on various parameters such as nozzles, tanks, products, and fuel types. Gain insights into lubricant sales, product-wise sale history, and cash/credit inflow and outflow. Fuelytics enables you to monitor meter sales position per nozzle and track daily purchase information for streamlined financial management.

Dashboards & Reports Maintenance:

Stay ahead with valuable insights into customer credit, transaction history, daily stock registry, product-wise performance, and financial activities. Fuelytics streamline credit and transaction tracking, simplifying credit management with specialized reports tailored to credit customers.

Customer Credit Maintenance:

Efficiently manage credit customers and outstanding dues, generate detailed reports on dues and vehicle associations, and streamline the recovery process for timely payment collection. Gain real-time insights into credit history and track credit collections effectively.

Transaction Maintenance:

Effortlessly manage credit, recovery, and expense transactions, optimize inventory management by tracking stock inflow and outflow, monitor expenses on a daily basis, and access detailed reports for informed financial decisions. Fuelytics empowers you to streamline transaction processes and enhance financial control.


In a world where efficiency reigns, Fuelytics becomes Park One Fuel Station’s catalyst for transformation, powered by Techflo’s innovation and expertise. With its cutting-edge features, Fuelytics empowers the fuel station to streamline operations, drive growth, and make data-driven decisions. By embracing Fuelytics, Park One Fuel Station and Techflo together pave the way for a future defined by efficiency, growth, and data-driven success.

With our unwavering dedication to cutting-edge solutions, seamless customer experiences, and transformative technologies, we stand as a beacon of progress in the digital landscape. Join us in shaping a future where innovation success is within reach.

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