With a dynamic touch, Techflo’s CRM system intervened to alleviate UBS’s challenges stemming from a sizable salesforce and extensive client base. Through centralized and optimized client data and communication, the system elevated the efficiency of client management. Moreover, it echoed positive implications in cashflow management by harmonizing disjointed client interactions and deals, fostering financial health. UBS harnessed the transformative power of our CRM’s Sales Management module, revolutionizing sales processes, monitoring activities, and boosting revenue growth. The Prospect Tracking feature unveiled valuable insights into potential opportunities, facilitating strategic decisions and targeted engagement. The CRM introduced a centralized hub for client information, minimizing data fragmentation and facilitating seamless interactions. Additionally, Techflo’s CRM showcased holistic communication tracking, encompassing emails, calls, and LinkedIn interactions, fostering personalized and informed engagements.


With our bespoke CRM system, we didn’t just address client management challenges; we transformed UBS’s construction management landscape, paving the way for enhanced client engagement, optimized cash flow, and sustainable success.

With our unwavering dedication to cutting-edge solutions, seamless customer experiences, and transformative technologies, we stand as a beacon of progress in the digital landscape. Join us in shaping a future where innovation success is within reach.

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